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really good ol game that I keep coming back to after all these years. never fails to relax me and make me feel nice.

I wish I could tell him.

well, that rocked

...In seriousness, I'm super excited for this

I love fishing games and I love your other games and this looks like a really cool combination of those things

checked the steam page and it said this game was relevant to me because it's similar to goat simulator, can you confirm

very cool, mr. zero

very cool

This is a solo project? This is awesome. I can't wait to see/hear more about this thing, it seems so neat.

Good, fun little time waster. My only complaints are as follows:

1. Your pixel art is a little rough in some places. Character sprite's outline, specifically- most of the other things look good

2. It's a little hard to tell where papers are in space. The amount of times I jumped to get a paper and missed because I was slightly in front or slightly behind is kinda funny to me

..That's about it. Good game, Kilo! Good luck with your future projects.

I like it! Good, interesting take on this concept. Felt very out of control, too, while still being entertaining and not frustrating. 9.5/10.

Yo! Noid 3 please. PLEASE. I need more.

Are you still working on this?

Please tell me you're still working on this.


I've moved ten times in the last eight years.

This really helped, somehow. Thank you.

Ah, this is very helpful. Thank you!

That helped, thanks.

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So! Much! Glitch! Okay, Next time you update this (If ever) Make sure that the [E] key WORKS EVERY TIME! It's REALLY rare for it to work at all for me!

...But other than that, it's pretty fun.

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Make a windows version! Then I'll probably like it more.

It'd be nice to know what controls are...

Tell me when this is a full game! I mean, it's already REALLY cool, but when it's got Moopas and ummm... Mowser, that'll be something!