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The skeleton dragon and now I cannot survive his encounters nor can I escape his cave home 😵

How can I escape the skeleton dragon's cave? I cannot find the door anywhere? Thank you x

And if I may offer a suggestion, perhaps a dificulty setting could be implemented at some point? Just an idea 😊

Hello, I have bought the game but I do not know how to start? What button to press? Thank you

All I have is this pink box but nothing happen when I click on it? Thank

yeah I’ve done that, I’ve checked in with the purple guy and then the blacksmith and then down the well but I don’t know what to do after that? I defeated all of the pink blobs and the green dragons but I don’t know what to do next. I got a key and when I go down the mine cart I see a locked door but the key does not seem to work on that door. What is the next step? Thanks 

So I’m stuck on a mission and I’m wondering if anyone knows how to get past it. “Ask the wizard who runs the bar about any potential sources of titanium” where is the bar and the wizard? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, looked for hidden doors but I can’t find this bar. Could anyone help me thanks 

It wont let me leave a room on the asteroid because my lust is at max and I dont have any anti-lust pills so every time I encounter a lizard I get sent back. How do I escape this loop??

Great game so far! But I'm just wondering how I can obtain the Cashmere item?

Dang this game is difficult. Idk how to stop his health going dow

Any tips on how to defeat the punk god boss? Idk what to do when the spikes come up and rainbow fireballs come out of no where lol please help

Yeah. No joy :/

I can use the hands at the start, but if I switch to the tongue, the hands disappear and I can't get them back even after putting the tongue away

Maybe I will try deleting and reinstalling 

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It's not letting me grab it? I enter touch mode and the green thing appears in the middle, I press left mouse button and nothing happens? Also is there a way to suck him or ride him like there was in the first game? Thanks 

I've tried restarting, didn't work. I've lowered the quality settings, also didn't fix it. My mouse isn't broken because it works on other things. Am I missing something? Thanks 

I couldn't find how to get back to the bedroom though. I've figured it out now though, you have to tap on the left of the screen when outside 

I probably sound quite dumb but how do you get back to your bedroom? I'm new to this game and I went outside at night but now I can't find how to get back to the bedrooms? Any help please 🤣

Great game! Really enjoyed it

Omg was not expecting that ending. So beautiful

I keep getting this message when I press certain options, I have tried on both my phone and my pc. Is anyone else having this issue? I understand that  it is still a new game

It says "app not installed" after I try to download the latest update. Any idea why this might be? I didn't have this issue with the previous updates

Great game! Very exciting. May I ask if there are endings and if so,  how many? Anyways, keep up the good work!

Hi. How can I obtain "essence (green)"? The guide says "swamp (fight)" so I keep fighting swamp creatures but I still haven't obtained a single green essence. Am I missing something? Thanks 

I'm stuck there too. From what I understand you need to finish the "preserve sanity" quest first, however I can't do this because I don't know how to obtain "essence (green)" 

I have a feeling I'm still quite early on but I'm loving it so far! 

The instructions on how to obtain certain ingredients or items can be a bit vague but it's still fun anyway.

I was really enjoying this game. Great characters and great story.

However I’ve got to the dungeon part after the tiger and I’m getting frustrated.I don’t know what to do I just keep going round in circles. Is there any way to skip this or a hint or something? Thanks

There is quite a lot to load. Perhaps mobile devices would struggle to handle it without overheating idk

This feels so wrong doing this but I kinda like it though. It feels good playing it but only in moderation lol

Wow I loved this game! Very well written and I can't wait to see the next update :) 

Lachy is my favorite, the blue one. Both his looks and his personality is so adorable 

I've not deleted it. I'm still on version 4.4. I completed that as much as I could and stopped playing and forgot to keep looking for updates. I'm really bad with technology I don't know much about uninstalling things is there a way to save my progress on this version? 

If not I'll just leave it for now and delete it when it's 100% finished and then reinstall it. Good luck by the way I really liked what I've played so far :) 

Thanks for the help but I can't download any updates for this game. I try to get the update but once the download is done it says "not installed" 

I've tried it a few times but I don't know what to do. I don't often have much luck with technology lol

How do I keep my android save file? I read your tips about saving it to a file explorer but how do I do that? I downloaded a file explorer from the play store but I have no idea how to move my save files from the game to the file explorer. 

A little help please? I'd rather not reset my progress if it can be avoided 

Thanks so much :)

How do you make make it faster? I see the option but I can't click it? It says "slow" or "fast" during actions but I don't know the key to make it fast? 

Help please :)

Ok thanks guys 

When I try to install this it says "This title is hosted on an incompatible 3rd party website".  Any ideas what I need to do to get past this? Thanks

What an interesting story...

Is anyone else having trouble playing the game? I tried in both incognito mode and normal mode but it doesn't work. The menu comes up but the start button does not seem to work. Any ideas?

Same problem here. Can't download the new demo. I understand your hands must be full already but please fix this :) 

I am trying to download but which one of the 4 do I download? I have tried all of them but I don't know how to play it when I open the file?