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I appreciate it!

I'm binge playing all the games you've released and it's been a fun ride. This was a great one to wrap up my expedition. Really enjoyed it! Hoping for a sequel since it seems left open for one.

This game caught my eye, and right after loading in I can already tell that it is a type of game I will enjoy. However, I feel like I'm missing something. Walking outside the light gets me killed, so I assume I need to either expand the fire or bring it with me somehow, but I cannot find a way to do so. 'F' picks up items, but how do I then use them?

The game feels haunting and calming at the same time. I really enjoyed the experience.

Looks like I somehow hid the downloads by accident. Should be back now.

You're right, it's mostly just increased monster waves at night, upgrades, and some changes to NPC dialogue.

Nice work finding all the endings. There is no real change with keeping the sword at the end, just a slight wording difference. Probably not worth replaying to see it haha.

This depends a bit on your internet browser, but if you clear history and cookies it should wipe the save data from the game, resetting it. This will also clear any other save data from other online games as well, so keep that in mind. I should have added a full reset button, sorry about that.

Another option would be to use an incognito or private browsing window to play the game, which will give you a fresh start. This doesn't clear any other save data, but the downside is that you can't save your progress if you want to come back afterwards.

I'm addicted send help. Such a fun game, looking forward to the second update!

Sounds like you're actually almost there. There's one rope in the cliffs, one in the cave, and one in the cellar. It sounds like you need the one in the cellar, but that means that you beat the two headed monster without rebar, which is impressive (that fight is quite a bit easier with rebar).

The chest you haven't opened has a key that lets you unlock a safe in the cellar, which has the rope and rebar inside. You can find a hint to the chest combination upstairs which shows a similar but different puzzle with the solution. If you can figure out how the solution works, you can then use the same method on the chest. Otherwise, try googling "japanese visual multiplication" and you'll see the method I used.

Let me know if you're stuck on something else.

I'm glad the story hit for you. Thanks for taking the time to play!

Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm not sure how many things you've collected so far, but the jar of acid is at least one item you'll need to get for any of the better endings. Try spending some time around the pond searching for the source if you haven't found it already. Also, the cave has a lot of important items inside if you can find a way to move the stones away from the entrance. Both inside the cave and at the pond have moments where you must just wait for a short while to have things appear, which is hinted at by certain comments in the text. (For example: It would be foolish to continue without letting my eyes adjust to the dark.)

If I've guessed wrong and you've already figured out those things I've mentioned, or if I was a bit too vague with my hints, let me know and I'd be happy to explain a bit more.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to let our artist know.

This next bit is linked to an event counter, so just travel between different locations from the main hub area a couple times. That's the screen with the image of the island. You'll start to see italicized text show up at the hub, just follow it to the rune and you'll be prompted for the next sequence. This happens again later, so keep that in mind.

True ending on first try is an achievement! I haven't seen that before. Thanks for playing~

Thanks for sharing your experience Artemis!~

Glad to hear! To find ending 5, unlock the ending 4 path then choose not to wear the mask before the battle.

Thank you! Yes, the guide book unlocks after 6 or 7 deaths if I remember correctly.


Comments like this keep me going! Thanks.

We appreciate it, thanks!

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You need the acid to clean the stone, but it is still possible to defeat the beast without it. It's just a lot more challenging. You will get a different ending.

That really means a lot, thank you! Great work finding all the endings as well.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! If you need any hints on those endings you can't find, let me know.

Yes, for ending 3 you need a 'perfect run' with the best weapons.

Hey, great work finding the true ending! And yes, your suspicion is most likely correct with ending 4.

Play Divide in the browser

Every year a monster crosses over into our world, tearing through the membrane that divides us. Every year we send one of our own as a sacrifice to satiate the beast. This time it's me.

The wind is cold and I don't have much time.

This mountain may be my prison, but it is also my arena. And the monster is not yet here. There must be something I can use to prepare a stronger defense.

I will not be just a sacrifice.


Five different endings based on player decisions, including a 'true' ending that changes everything. The story may not be as it first seems.

I really like the art style from the trailer. I'll check it out!