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really loved The Letter and I can't wait for this one. just one question though, are you planning on releasing it for android in the future?

So i'm pretty sure that i'm gonna finish the game single. But i've heard that you get stuff that helps you if you decided to do another play through is that true? 

Well obviously not for me because there's only two months left and i haven't got in a relationship with the guy i'm pursuing (tocchan). I think i'm restart the game which is gonna be a pain in the ass. 

Is there any complete walkthrough of this game? I'm thinking of restaring it because i'm tired of running around in circles with tocchan and it's already novemeber. 

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So i'm pursuing tocchan, and i have his heart full but i'm stuck at 3 stars. I already go out with him every day and i think i might have seen all his events because i don't get any new ones no matter how many times i spent with him. I'm currently at october btw which i think is near the ending.

So i've just finished tocchan's birthday cutscne. Should i have brought something for him before? Because i thought it was gonna be like shiba's where you have to buy the cake during the event. 

Oh so it's totally normal to fail the jobs after the break. I was really afraid it was gonna the end of the line for me lol. Yeah i've been taking extra lessons nonstop and i got my first job post-break. And thanks to arvan32's guide most of the upcoming jobs look reachable. 

Wow thanks a lot for the guide. Looks like i won't get much time hanging out with the boys because i'll busy stats grinding :(

Here's the thing, those extra lessons don't raise much. And I need A LOT of points. like the last job i failed (the narrator job) required 400 technique and i only had 306.

Man this sucks. Any tips on getting back on track? Because if i continue the game like i might have to kiss the seiyuu award goodbye. 

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Is it me or does the getting jobs requirement after the july break really hard? Because of the break my stats are really low compared to what they require now and i already failed 3 jobs!! 

Man Hikaru is such a pain in the ass. I really don't if he's worth all the trouble. Btw who is your favorite boy arvan? 

I have another question if you don't mind. So when i asked Hikaru to the beach he refused. Does he always refuse or do i have to raise his love meter so he can agree? 

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I've already got into the studio and i've seen a decent amount of his scnens. And i still don't have it. and you're telling me that it's was possible to get it before the Beach scene??! Man this freaking sucks :(

Edit: so i loaded a previous save data and hanged out with him every chance i get and i FINALLY got the number. Thanks a lot for the help! 

Ok but when? I stopped right before the Beach cutscne because they want me to bring my crush but i only have toru and toshiyuki, and i want to go with hikaru :(

Hi i'm currently having a blast with this game but i just have one question, how do i get Hikaru's number? I'm currently in July i still don't have it. 

i just finished this, and i'm already missing the characters. this was really enjoyable. i hope you do a sequel in the future.

really liked your game. when will the 2nd part be released?