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Glad you enjoyed it! We loved making it, and we will def make more! 🕯️

Yes... *oink* 😹

Glad you liked the atmosphere. That's my fav part to work on, tbh. :-)

Thanks for playing! :-) Glad you liked it.

🙏 Hehe 👻

Thanks! We made it in 48h, so there wasn't much time to make a long game, but we might in the future. Making horror games is really fun. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Glad you liked it, and found it unique. I love making spooky stuff. 👹


Glad you think so ;-P

Don't forget to do the upstairs first ;-)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it and found it fun. We loved making it.

Glad you enjoyed it! I also like the music and sound design - it was made by my partner, Nanocat. :)

mission complete : )

Thank you. I think there is no wrong way to play it, as long as you enjoy it. : ) 

Thank you! Glad you found it interesting!

Hi! Thanks for playing The Mold Exorcist and making a video, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) ~

Thanks for playing the game and making a video! Embrace mold, mold is the future. ;-P

I can't believe y'all made this game in just a few days. It feels so polished and detailed. I love the art, music and the writing. The little touches like how the letters fly out of the character are really satisfying. <3

Oh mommy. Thanks for the details. I kitbashed the heck out of this game to get it done on time, so I am not surprised of issues like this. I will look into it!!11 >: D

Super cute game. Loved playing it together on stream, and love that there is multiple endings. I would do anything for Clam Shell!!!!1 <3

Watching the ballgirl zoom around is delightful. The interactions are so satisfying to use, and to watch. If you keep working on this game, I would be happy to see it! : D

Oh my gosh, how did you find that collider issue? I shall fix that, haha. I'm glad you got to the basement with no problem. : D <3

thank you, i am so glad u enjoy'd removing mold! Make sure ya'll play V3+ where the mold spay satisfaction has been optimised.

mold is the future

thank u, i'm so glad u liked it :D <3

Thanks for the cool video and comment! I see you are playing V1 or V2. I fixed a few bugs in V3. The spray works reliably now! And the voice line order works better with the narrative, now.

i love it sm ⚗️✨💎