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Great game, i hope we can get more games like this with a deep meaning and also cute.

I'm so sad because i spent like a week trying to figure it out for this ending and it feels it was not really intended for the player to reach it lol. At least i have the peace of mind she's not suffering. I hope to see more of you but please the riddle was too complicated!  i was trying to reverse engineer files of the game trying to find what was needed to make her come back haha, or i was thinking because my PC name is literally PC then it had to do with pcB and i was just too lost. Still thanks you for comming back to answer!

There are really hundreds of ways to tell someone you want them back, finding an abbreviation for that is hard because ily and pcb doesn't really tell me nothing. I know i've come as annoying at this point but i'm really being kept in suffering, the game hinted to pull a Monika at some point and it didn't worked. Can you please elaborate more?

I already tried ILY.pcb, iloveyou,pcb, i love you.pcb, and restoring her character file, i'm confused. I'm sorry im too dumb.

Thanks you for your response, now i get the error message that ask me for ILY.PCB and i tried to createa file trying to guess what it could be messing up with the error with no luck, i feel too dumb honestly, im not sure if im doing something wrong

Nothing can be really done if i see the error right unless hard reset?



I visited her for the 6 days like it was intended... (no time jumping, etc) ; talked her so many times, listened to her and how was i supposed to know she didn't liked chocolate for that extra five points?, i had around 60 affection and the game still treated me like trash, i went back to try to undo the deletion by adding the character back and it did nothing, i feel kind of hurt because i had actually felt for her and i still got the bad ending for some reason. I'm not sure where i should direct my hate right now but i know you are still learning to make games, i shouldn't have let myself be ''absorbed'' in the game anyways my bad, i needed to realize  the  good ending was just pure rng, sorry i'm really just upset and probably many felt the same way but did not commented it because they were too confused to even put words into it. 



You could try making the game longer next time, still good game. Check out Locke(d) for example, i feel they did the idea you wanted to give with your game a little more polished, it never hurts to see other works for inspiration/motivation. Good game!

I did 10 runs hoping there was an easter egg but nope. Still good game