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I'm enjoying it! Only just started playing it, but already having a lot of fun. Love the high rate of replayability and the simplicity. I have itemized my complaints: 

  • In the hard mode, the words will overlap on top of other words or on skeletons, making them almost impossible to read. There only have to be four or five on screen before this happens.
  • Words will overlap on top of fallen skeletons' bodies and it makes the words very hard to read.
  • The red text being difficult to read issue
  • It took me a while to understand how parrying works, making that clearer would help
  • I don't love the timing with the parrying, since it means sacrificing time that could be used attacking. I understand that being able to parry *and* attack at the same time would make it too easy, but maybe close the gap a little bit? What I would do is have the load time to the attack be at the speed that you have it at, but once the user has typed in the entire word and has successfully parried, the enemy's attack can load faster, maybe at 1.5 speed of what it was before the word was completed, so that the gap between parry and next attack is shorter.
  • I got a fatal error when trying to load the hard mode one time, screenshot attached.
  • Bats' words in hard mode are very difficult to read. Not sure if it's because of their movement speed or if the text is too shaky.
  • When skeletons pile up and are attacking you, typing and finishing their words doesn't clear them (this happened to me in hard mode)

I completed a survey too. Thanks for making a great game, I'm looking forward to future updates!