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This seems interesting, but I had trouble with the controls.  Somtimes it seems like the mouse would select options and other times it wouldn't.  Trying to select options with the arrow keys didn't work consistently either.  I couldn't select the first bed and get the buy option highlight at the same time.

This could be a decent game with some work.  Right now, there doesn't seem to be much feedback when you are hit.  I thought I was fine and the next thing I know, I'm dead.  Walking speed may be a bit low normally, movement seemed better holding shift the whole time, but that speed up power up may be too fast.  What is the point of the slow-mo power up if the player is slowed down as well?
To me, this doesn't really fit the theme of the game jam, as it isn't obvious what the genre switch. It seems like a typical first person shooter without another genre mixed in.

Interesting mix of a runner and a bit of a shoot em up. Could have used some sound when you shot or got hit.

It doesn't seem to fit the theme though.

Very nice and fun runner! Saw more of the theme as I played more.

This is pretty good!  Seems like the trick is getting the loliplyer up early to get a high score.

After a few tries, I was able to get much further than I though I could!  Decent game, but sometimes the chips are hard to jump past.

This is good, but a lot harder than I remember DDR on PC being.

Nice game!  Clicking to check price seemed a bit finicky. The 'interaction limit' seemed to go up a bit quick, and maybe could have changed from green to red as it got closer to 100, but overall rather good.