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dordle community · Created a new topic Dordle suggestion

I feel like after people have played Dordle a number of times they end up using the same 2 or 3 words to start the game.  I suggest allowing people to save a handful of words and that appear underneath the playing grid. That way people can just tap the word (I use a smart phone) that they want to auto fill and it makes the game go much more quickly. If other people are like me they like to see how fast they can get a solution and this would only make people more adherent to the game.

 The option of having a time clock and seeing if you could best your previous time would be a nice touch. Also a countdown clock that only allows perhaps 10 seconds per word would mix it up as well.

 Also I find that I hit the wrong letter more often in Dordle than I do Wordle because in Wordle they have bigger keys to tap. 

Lastly, the haptic feedback in Wordle is a really nice feel  that verifies that I actually hit a letter accurately.

Best wishes!