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Troy Atkinson

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Yes we do! Haha thankyou :D

Haha thankyou! I'm sorry to hear about the serial killers D:

Thankyou!! Glad you had fun :)

Thank-you so much for your very kind words, and the video was great! The UK is re-entering lockdown so this game is starting to feel relatable again. Hope you are keeping safe :)

Thankyou for your kind words, glad you enjoyed the game :)

Thankyou so much for your comment, I'm really glad you like our game. I hope you are keeping safe and doing well. :) 

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Well done everyone, hope you all had a wholesome time. Looking forward to playing everyone's games :)

Beautiful game by wonderful devs

I really liked playing this game, had no idea what to do but I got a really nostalgic feel as I was a big fan of the Pandemic Flash game back in the day. Can't believe you guys made the music and the earth yourselves, they're both fantastic!

You've got the difficulty just right! I love the Matrix visual style and the level flows so well with the layered backgrounds and the art is stop on! And the music fits the game beautifully.

The visual style on this game is perfect and works so well with fantastic sound design. You should 100% continue to work on this game, adding more difficulties and maybe some different game modes. You could sell this on the app store.

Thank-you Mister :)

Amazing game, super fun to sit down and play with a couple of friends. Art and sound are great too! Recommend turning into a drinking game.

Amazing game, had a lot of fun with two players!

Amazing game, totally worth a download. For a mere 4 months of development you have a fun, challenging and beautifully looking game!