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Thanks for your feedback! While we are not your typical "jump scare" horror there is something deeply terrifying about the psychology and experience of loss. Not everyone gets it, and that's okay!

In regards to the "other stuff", please let us know (if you find the time) - it would greatly help us consider any changes that may create a better experience for similar demographics. 

Hey CoalFire! Thanks for playing and the awesome video! I'll take a look at those problem areas tonight. The tearing is likely due to some of our post processing stack and we will try to add the option to toggle them on and off.

Thank-you so much! We are actively working on improvements to player direction and will be implementing them as soon as possible. Also, we hope to tweak some of the initial gameplay to make it more interesting and foreshadow what is to come. We walk a fine line between psychological walking simulation and horror elements so we thought best to tag it as horror, just in case! Thank-you for playing and the excellent feedback!

We are aware of some players having performance issues. If you fall under this category and have the time, please respond here with the issues you suffered as well as an outline of your PC specs. We will work on optimisation as soon as possible. Thanks!

Absolutely love the environment and windows into abstract environments, was a fun play!

Hi Kayhryn, I just released another game over at which is a lot more developed than this - you may enjoy it!

Hi! Wow, that's so humbling - thank-you for playing my game! I would love to go back and make it a little bit easier to control and make the difficulty more mechanical and less artificial. You did really well, it is such a hard game!

If you're playing this... I'm sorry. Try out my other game Purify instead.