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Another great game by Niven <3

A amazing game!

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Tbh this was one of the most anxiety built atmospheric games I've played, the title says it all. The continuous slow and steady build of dread and fear is on point. Loved it to death.

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This game just kept freaking me out. I loved it!

Can not wait for act 2 :)

I loved this game so much

Idk what i did weong but i never got any audio during my survey. Took it twice, sadly didnt get any creepy anything. Just answered questions. 

Best game all week...

Great pun <3 

Yes yes

This freaked me out. Love analog horror

Wonder what the other endings were...

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For 1 day of work it was amazing!

Short and sweet

i loved this game so much

this was terrifying

ending had me rolling

gosh I wish it was longer

got me real good ya did

good stuff!

My only complaint is i wish it was longer it had so much more to be seen., i sent you an email <

What a terrifying experience... I Loved it!

I loved this game, sadly their was a copyright claim for the ending song...

yeah i noticed and i like to break games so im glad i found it cause i enjoy doing stuff like that. I skipped a whole section of the game *dog*

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A brilliant horror game! Half way through the video i found a game breaking bug otherwise 5/5

The hell did i just play? I see where it was going but wha?

Thank you so much for the game it was amazing! 

This was amazing! 

This game scared the living hell out of me, that being said. I loved it!

Was it all a dream?

I expected it. But not all of it...

Scientist made zombie man. I have infinite gun..

I am very curious to see what the other two endings were but the enemy was to quick for me to explore during the chase sequence! Great game!

I got rufeed. 

I took a big poo

this game was like a portal indie game it was super fun, wish it was longer...


my ears hurt :(

Very wow. Alien spooks this I did not expect. Also the first ending kind of gave me a jumpscare simply because I didn't mean to get it...