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Game was amazing! Gave me such a spook when I first saw Michael Myers

F THOSE JUMPSCARES!!! but I had fun with the goofiness and horror aspect of this game! Goob Job on it also Wish I got through that door tho... maybe on day.

It was really cool to see this! Really clean graphics but I want so much more! I can't wait to see where this will go! Keep up the good work :D ( Starts at 9:26 )

SOOO CREEPY! loved this game and that ending got to me good :D Cant wait to see more from you! keep up the good work ( Starts at 5:16 )

LOVEDDDD THIS GAME!! This game was cool and so creepy! Can't wait to see the full game be released. Keep working hard :D 

I was so scared of this game and it was amazing. The atmosphere and the weird sounds that those heads make is creepy asf! ( VID STARTS 8:22 )

My God I was so scared about everything in this game. I thought one of them where about to grab me the whole time. Also there were some funny looking ones which was funny to see ( VIDS STARTS AT 5:00 ) 


No Jumpscares but honestly I was scared by the surroundings and the atmosphere, all the noises really brought fear to me. Great game and happy to play more :)

Game was awesome! Love to see my child hood characters becoming murdering psychopaths LMAO

I can not wait for the full release! That last jumpscare got me so bad lol

This game was hilarious at times but also kept a chill down my spin with that demon baby looking at me. Great Game! Loved it 

Please I need more Buff Doge Horror Games!! Fun game and had some jump scares with Doge popping out of no where & the monkey is funnnnnyyyy. love it! 

This Game was a breath of fresh air compared to other indie horror games! Loved how you used the arcade machine to get past levels. PLUS the 80's style is amazing, love these old arcade vibes. My video on the game -

(Starts @ 3:30) This game was so calm at first but as the questions kept rolling I was freaking out! Great game and can't wait to play more.

(Starts @ 00:50) Was Short but Amazing. That little snake definitely got me and screw you lol. But great game can't wait for Choo Choo Charles! 

( Starts @ 10:31 ) This game was amazing. The initial reaction on just meeting this buff dude is hilarious and scary. I want more games like this :D

Absolutely Loved this game! This is part 1 and I love how you play with the arcade machine to get through to the next level! Keep up the good work


Absolutely LOVED this game just because I was so terrified by those puppets. Can't wait for the full release! Keep it up

Appreciate it !

This was my very first Slender game I have ever played ( I was always to chicken to play all the others ) but I loved this one and how Mr. Slenderman would get more aggressive and intense the more pages you get. Really good game can't wait for more 

This game was terrifying! I honestly can't wait for the full release of it! I had to sleep with my lights on that night