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Oh that makes sense actually

I found them all!!
Cute, and thanks for sharing SameBoy, seems very cool

I agree that even trying to bomb as much terrain as possible, I usually ended up hundreds in the negative, so I can't really say a high score...
Making huge explosions was fun in itself though.
Bit of a spooky surprise when I started spamming space to dig upwards, heh

Yeah, the platformer is the most fun one I think, but seeing a FNAF "demake" is funny too haha
I was waiting for a twist but I'm not sure there is
Most of the time I got bored and let the enemies beat me, wish some of the games got harder faster, but hey it was a fun time overall

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Very easy to play which is great because silly little things like this sometimes make it easy to get lost or stuck

I played this in browser just fine (Chrome) but had to make it fullscreen, otherwise the edges got cut off
Anyway, cute! Somehow didn't expect an RM game. Thanks to the comments I knew the duck map is the ending :v

Beat it eventually!
My strategy evolved from random inputs abusing respawning, to only collecting 1 light at a time and revealing as much path as possible, to actually using the disperse feature and getting as many boxes into holes as possible before compressing them
It was a surprisingly compelling journey actually
Not sure what the dark cubes are useful for however

12 points first try, 15 points the second time around
Very cute! Fun little game, actually very nice options menu haha

Yep just chiming in to say I too have no idea how to solve this! But it works, interesting puzzle I haven't seen before.
Trying your older game, I got stuck on level 8 too, my poor head

Made it to Wave 9! I can see how this may have been a cool Flash game once upon a time, yeah
I like the concept, juggling remote detonations and figuring out missile priority is fun and mentally taxing enough without needing to be able to influence the bounce angle with your paddle
I'm very glad the last few enemies always shoot down, I was worried it could take forever haha

Good end! I love my moth polycule
It was very hard to try the bad path, but nice to see how hard your friends try to keep you away from it even then
I looked up the easter egg man and that's funny, very strange to see with no knowledge of the series though haha

Fun! I like the random powerups from the chest. I'm not sure if it's possible to dodge spider attacks, so that eventually wore me down...
One time, a spider was hiding behind the health bar, I'm glad it turns transparent when moused over, haha
Doing critical attacks on multiple slimes at the same time was the most fun part I think

Thank you!


All good indie games are about cubes right?

Played and finished it today! 

The level works just fine, didn't encounter any issues. The computer will never attack you unless you bridge over to it, and you have 2 gems, so it is a very cozy map. Nice to see stuff made with this exciting new editor!

I won! Very cute art! Not too difficult, just long enough I didn't feel like stopping yet.

One time, I started a new recording just as the previous spirit spawned (and may have mashed the button some), which got me stuck in a "press F to start" state where pressing F did nothing. Thankfully, Esc -> Reset solved it basically immediately.

I wonder what other spirits there could be! Awesome job

You deserve a break! Don't worry about it~

Adorable writing and the neat Floraverse setting (accomplished via great art and music) made this really entertaining.

There was some backtracking and the platforming itself had little depth. Would be awesome to see more interactive or optional bits in a full game.

The puzzle wasn't too difficult. But being able to talk to a bunch of fun NPCs while solving it ensured I couldn't get frustrated or bored.

I'd love to see more exploration platformers like this. Reminds me of Seiklus. Amazing for a 1 week project!