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so delightful! i love the energy :-)

omg i am so glad you like it! :-)

this is so cute :u i love the butt

this is wonderful! the gravity metaphor is really interesting. thank you for sharing <3

these are so cool! i love ur art style and how you did the cover and the first two pages

i love your frogs :-) i would refute the claim that they are poorly drawn 🐸

thanks! :-)

i use this for all of the zines i make with EZM. i love it! thanks for making it <3

hehehe thanks. honestly it feels like louie was intended to be much more simple than i make him out to be

this game is so beautiful

this............ resonates with me................. thank you

😩😩😩 im so obsessed with this... ur brain is so huge and moist and wrinkly... oh my god its so beautiful! everything here is so smart! the colors! ugh the writing! it all made so much sense while having just enough metaphor...

the friends w w the f fr the friends w... we m ... the fr... the friends...

i downloaded this and put them all on my spotify... i will listen ot them forever.. now

this is late obviously but this snoundtrack is. very good. and very important to me. always such a joy to listen to :^)

i wrote this before listening to any of these and i can confirm that i would die for you. i likr dva waifu the best

jay i would die for you

::    . .. :: ... .    :

:....:    :::..    .... 

   ...:::...    :::.... 

that pixel art is amazing. whoever did that deserves to have it featured in some kind of university game showcase

i like this a lot its really fun and i think your cool <3

this was so nice! i loved the audio and the way it made me feel lonely... nice job!

this is so interesting! it has so much potential with a bigger and broader level design, but it does so much right now anywway! i love how patient it forces you to be, and i love how much detail you can put into every single photo

this is really cute! the button above the channel flicker just goes to about:blank... is that intentional? lol