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There's the example image, description, and the more information button that shows tags and stuff but no download like other posts on lol I'm so confused

There's no download of the PNGs?

I wish there were a back texture with it

Yeah I will speed up the gameplay a bit, I have some ideas to implement to make it a more complete game :) 

I really appreciate your comment and advice!! 

I appreciate your comment! I will be looking for music to add to it and I have other ideas I plan to expand it :D

I will check out the gdwc it sounds cool!

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Hey, what is your license for your game art? I plan to give specific credits to people whose art I use with links to their work, patreon, etc in my games, but is there any specific requirements aside from that I should be aware of? Thanks <3 

Edit: Oh also, what do you think about making a little set of zombie animations in a similar style to the archers? I love the style a lot. 

Maybe they started to do some test implementations and forgot to disable it in the production build?

All I see that could be considered a topic is "something playful".

That's awesome!