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Oh, I love your versions! They are a massive improvement over the arcade! The graphics, procedural mazes, and bonus levels... all genius! I honestly didn't mean to detract from that, it was just an observation... I had to go back to the original just to check and it was more of a curiosity, not a critique.

Awesome game as always. I just noticed though that Pacmazing, Lady Pac, and Random Pac don't count the power pellets to complete the maze. I believe all three in the arcade required the power pellets to be eaten to complete the mazes. Just not sure if that's a feature or oversight. Still love all three regardless!

Awesome! I started with the C64 version and had to come back for more. Love this version too now! Always great to pick up for a quick game. Beautiful graphics, perfect game play, and lots of variety. The bonus levels are such a great addition! Thanks!

Brutal game! I fortunately never played the original but looking back, this does appear to be an improvement. Who would have thought to make a game so brutally difficult!

I'm with ya. I've just started playing this and it's really well done. Would think it should have a lot more traction. Convinced me to go back and get HERO is back also. I've been playing both a lot over the last couple days. Maybe we just need to get the word out more on these. I didn't even know about until I started looking for my theC64 games and now am discovering a lot of really cool titles. I was pretty much just getting most everything from Steam or some older games on GOG.

Fun game! Sort of like The Bug Butcher and Pang... both favorites of mine. Challenging and good progression rate. I'm a huge fan of LC-Games and this is no exception to the other quality windows and C64 games LC has made.

Graphics remind me of Space Firebird which I'm guessing is its inspiration. That was one of my favorites as a kid. Nice and enjoyable game with great graphics and good controls!

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Awesome game! So love playing this! Controls great and love the bonus rounds! Put a little extra in for Bagman to cover this! Just love it!

Super fun game with great graphics and gameplay! Happy to see my C64 getting great new games like this.

Wow! What an incredible game! Great to see new games of this quality for my C64! Great graphics, music, and gameplay.