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I think it's really an ambitious and creative idea to make a multi-player walking simulator in our first 3D game project, and you did it! Using controllers instead of PC keyboard added a lot of party game flavor into it. Speaking of the visual effect part, I'm kind of agree with yinqin77. If we could have more time to polish the textures, the realistic style would be better. But since time is always such a luxury in the game center, I think a minimalistic world is also fine for me.

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I can see that you guys really did a lot of work on designing those original 3D models and puzzles. The BGM goes well with the environmental game objects. When I got out of the museum, I was surprised to see that the sky box changed to a starry sky, which gave me an unspeakable experience. One thing we could do better is that maybe we should make the prompt of opening the door more obvious. The first time I got to the first door, I didn't see the prompt in the right-top corner and thought that is the end of the game. So I just closed the game. Then I realized that it couldn't be so short, so I opened the game again.

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The retro style reminds me of the first time when I played DOOM haha~ My emotion changed dramatically after every one died. I really felt a strong desire to reverse the timeline to find a way to save everybody, especially the cute dog. The only pity is that the game doesn't seem to be quite finished, but the overall game experience is already very nice.

The visual style of every game object is quite uniform, which makes me feel a great sense of satisfaction as an OCD patient lol. I like the moment when the Time.scale went low suddenly. Together with the weird skybox and bubbles, the game is like a magic-realism narration.  

At the same time, I don't know why I always wanted to laugh when I heard the voice over. Maybe that's not the games's problem, it's my problem. >_<

I like the background story which added more depth to this walking simulator.  The homemade particle effects also look quite good. The only thing is that maybe sometimes the position of the hidden treasure is a little bit random, for example, the one hanging in the air.