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Could you make the ball heavier?

It worked with 2 players so far!!! Controllers were rock candy controller and xbox 360 controller. Sooner or later, I'll see if it works with 4 controllers.

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In the meantime, I'll try different friend's houses/laptops and make sure the internet connection isn't the cause. 

Didn't mean to repeat myself again, the reason why I think controllers are the issue is because my friend and I were playing with one xbox 360 controller and the keyboard and it was playing fine until we added two extra controllers and restarted the game.

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Sort of if I am understanding by what you mean. Why would I need an internet connection when I am playing local multiplayer with 4 people?

The controllers were connected before the game. I'm sure I installed all drivers too.

The controllers worked during the character selection screen when players choose whether they want to be hunter or hider. However, during the match, the game would end the match before the timer reached 0 like some time around 58 or 57 seconds. It always occurred with 2 or more xbox controllers from what I saw.

Did you try with 2 or more xbox controllers? 4 controllers?

I hope I'm not confusing you or annoying you because this game is super fun but the bug/issue just saddens my friends and I. 

Three xbox 360 wireless controllers and a rock candy controller. The local multiplayer match ends itself before the timer is down to 0 and the game returns to the menu screen. My friends and I were about to have fun but we couldn't.  My friend and I tested with one xbox 360 wireless controller and keyboard and it seemed to work fine. Then, we tried 4 controllers again and it didn't work. Then, we tried two xbox 360 controllers and it didn't even work either. 

I can't seem to get the game work with 4 Xbox controllers.