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Thank you so much! I'm such a dummy >w<

I can't seem to place down roses T^T I'm clicking space on the graves and clicking it but nothing happens..

Here's my room! Very basic, heh, I know. Adorable game! ^^

I love baby yoda.

Oh my god, you are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.

I have literally typed 52 comments on video 00004. I think I know where the hint is from, but I have no idea how to input it. I've been reading the comments about it, but I still have no idea. I on the brink of crying- no, I'm kidding. It is frustarating. No spoilers are allowed here, so if someone wants to message me on Discord, y'know, for the answer. I appreciate it SO much. Respond if you have Discord and are willing to help T^T