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This game was SO much fun to play! I wrote a review but also want to comment to tell anyone looking at it to buy it! I can't wait to play again with friends new to TTRPGs!

(also I learned the title is much more funny when you say it frenchly rather than overly north american with an aggressive s sound on the end)

I recently played this on the creator's stream and it was so. fun. I played a purple wizard named Yarnates the Destroyer of the Black Tome who was a pink ball of yarn who communicated through charades of becoming knit items.

Wild things happened and it was just so great. The game mechanics are super fun and easy to follow. The rules and guidelines are laid out and answer your question right after you think about it. 

The supplement Haunting of Hobble Adventure was incredibly great. It was extremely creative and not what I was expecting but an amazing adventure.

I highly recommend playing Wizard Pals so that you can be a wizard and a pal and get into hijinx. 

Watching Roll for Felicity's streams of this really convinced me to buy the super affordable and wonderful game. I'm not too far yet but loving it! I'm excited to convince my friends to play!