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Thank you, nice video!

Fyi the controls are listed on the itch page, and restart is there along with undo.



Great video dude! I'm happy you like it! :D

It's soo satisfying to watch people play your game, and not just hear feedback, it doesn't just give you their thoughts but also their reactions to each element, and your video was very insightful and I'll probably apply some of the things I've learned in my next game!

And it seems those bombs under the rebel bases where a bit poorly planned lol, I should've added a cutscene to the end of the levels where it zooms out and blows everything up, that would've been awesome!!

I just want to note that the webgl can get a bit laggy, so if david's going to livestream the games, he should use the windows version

I love the cell physics, reminds me of Cellcraft.

I think fullscreen should fix the text covering the button, I didn't really bother fixing all the resolution scaling issues for the gui lol

Wow, thank you! Really nice to hear. (And the tutorial, well, it was just thrown in last minute so I guess it makes sense it was terrible lol)

A really great game :D

Cool game, could use a bit more variation of falling things though. I got 66 score :D

I got 666 growth (I completely broke the game lol and filled up the roots entirely)

They are really tricky, but you can survive it if you upgrade your guns enough ;D

lvl 8 score 478

This is amazing

This is an awesome game! I didn't find all endings, but I think I found 2 of them. It would be really cool to have different dialogue when talking to someone again

Jesus I did 1.4K and thought that was a desent score lol

Btw, the engine is still in alpha 0.00001 and there are a ton of bugs and features to come eventually, so don't use it too much yet plz 

It's my own. I like it although it doesn't really fit with the theme of the game :/ If I make a new version there will mostly be ambience I thin

Really cool game!

Thanks for the critisism! People are often scared to give critisism and are as a result unhelpful. I'll think about that the next time I make a game like this :D

The game was really fun, although the world was a bit too big for the amount of content in the game

The game was really fun, although the world was a bit too big for the amount of content in the game

Really cool game! I like the mechanics


Good idea and good art but I feel like the movement could have been worked on a bit more to make it feel good

I probably didn't get the full experience because I was playing on a trackpad, but really interesting concept and fun game!