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Casual arcade-ey game where you (and sometimes a friend) recognize passing images and race to catch them without messing up.  I feel like I'd enjoy this a lot more if my touchscreen sensitivity wasn't absolute garbage.  

pretty addictive phone game.  Tap left or right corresponding to the correct puck and keep it going for as long as you can.  If I could make one change, it'd be to not have the "Watch video" button pop up RIGHT where my thumb was when I make a mistake...

Simple enough little gyroscope-based arcade app (if you're playing on phone like I did).  Entertaining enough to keep me going to the end. *Thumbs up*

cute little action platformer.  Good level design and prepares you before throwing you in the deep end.  

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A great simplistic "toilet" puzzler.  Long enough to explore the mechanics, but not overly long to the extend that it's tedious.  I played it on mobile which is where it makes the most sense IMO.  Some of the later levels were much easier than earlier ones, but I'll chock that up to the variable order in which you unlock levels.  RECOMMENDED!