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Hell yeah! Can't wait to try it out!

Wondering what the system requirements of this game are? Right now the character creation menu slows everything to an absolute crawl to the point where it's almost impossible to use. I had my graphics on the lowest setting and have what I consider a decent PC for a VN style game.

Everything else works perfectly though, once you get past the character creation menu. I know it's just a very early demo, but when I saw how much the creation menu chugged it made me worried for the rest of the game, which was a bit of a turn off. 

For the game itself: loved the music (that opening blew me away), art style is cute and charming, and I'm enjoying the choices menu, which allows you to specifically know when and if you're flirting, and that it has clear personality determiners. 

I also really appreciate that my character is allowed to be angry without being a jackass. Anger is often a vilified emotion but in this case the anger of my character felt like it was being translated to good effect, that it was anger being use constructively, not destructively. After all why shouldn't someone be angry at injustice and the seeming indifference to that injustice?

Also love the pronoun selector! It really makes me feel included and seen as a non-binary person and that I can play this game my way and really connect with the main character. Also I noticed Quinn is non-binary too and I love them and would die for them. (It's a long shot, but maybe some of that DLC could be the ability to romance Quinn?)

Can't wait to play more, hope you reach your kickstarter goal!

Hey, thanks for letting me know, I understand if it breaks stuff, that must suck. I'll try the suggestion you posted. Thanks for the help!

So when i try to play the demo it shows up as a tiny box on my screen with no option to turn it to fullscreen. Any work arounds for this? Any way to force fullscreen? Would love to actually try out this game, am really interested in it, but it's currently so small i can't even read the text.