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thanks man i appreciate you coming back to play it after this time :) the enemy spawning problem has been an ongoing one but ive been much more focused on adding content than fixing some bugs i didn tknow the root cause of, but next update should fix that and also should add a whole ton more to the game ;)

Fair enough yeah, i havent done enough playtesting to figure out difficulty completely right now, but that is definitely one of the things i was worried about. Thanks for the feedback :)

Haha, this game gets updated almost daily my man :)

Hey man! All your item packs are so cool! I am making a roguelike in which your sprites make up the bulk of my items, and they're wonderful! :)

Hey man, thanks for this awesome background :) I've been using it in my game and it looks wonderful!

Ok but these are so cool my dude, thank you! couldn't be made without this...

Alright thanks for playing tbe game and thanks for the feedback! Falling through the floor shouldnt be too hard to fix, and the settings menu should come in 1 or 2 updates. As for the music ill have to check and everything cuz the website i got it from (Alibi) advertised the music as being all royalty free. Anyway, thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback :))

hey i think I have got it working now heh

Hm thats odd, i will try and see whats going on when i get on my pc soon

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reject humanity

Thank you for the review and for the funny video :) I left some context on your video.