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Tristan Gregory

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The Snow towers weren't meant to make the Blobs go in the opposite direction, that's a bug. There'll be a new update to fix that in a few days with other fixes and stuff.

I tried recreating what happened to you on the developer version and having too many Blobs on screen that have a negative speed value causes the game to crash, which caused the game over.

The MOB (supposed to be M.A.B)  is glitched and doesn't spawn.

There'll be an update in a few days to fix stuff.

Thanks, MTD is actually based on processed tower defense.

I've never thought of putting a cannon at the spawn, it's a good idea :)

If it's too OP I might need to nerf it a bit.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks :)

I'll look into adding a speed up/slow down function to the game.


I'm kind of new to this, so there's a lot of problems.

I'll be doing a big redesign and rewrite on some things to make it playable on a smaller display.