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Oh I'm done with the game then. It was such a blast! loved it.

How many endings are there? I have the main one I think and I got two others.

damn I can't play this yet lmao.

idk why this game lags in the office lol

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I'm glad I missed the 4th one wtf

I've been avoiding playing this because I wanna play it on Valentine's day LMAO. Honestly I might just end up playing it way before.

K well it seems to work now. Awesome game btw I had so much fun.

Ok so I played the old version entirely before I read this. Pressing new game was fine but it was the settings and controls that were messing up. However I will download this version and just test it out and let you know. Unless someone else has already done that lol.

Ok so when I click the settings menu and I try to go back to the main menu it doesnt respond

First lol gonna record this now

omg I love the artstyle and your horror visual novels I must have more lmao

It is now

Oh thank you!

Wait you made this 24 years ago? Omg. Btw how do you install this? It's a kb file. Sorry I'm slow.

This was... really good wth lmao. I still have so many questions on what they were running from. Was he actually even dreaming? I wonder if there will be a follow up or something.

Um what is the code in that one room does that lead to an end?

idk why but this crashes when i open it 

Some of the things in the dad's room are um.. wow

Oh ok so I was doing it right then lmao. I misunderstood. Good game btw. Will you expand on it?

three endings? How do I get the other two?

Definitely cant upload the explicit bedroom scene to youtube lmao.

Lol I was shipping Kai and Ren more than anything near the end there lol

Ok I liked this a lot however the ending screen confuses me. Are we supposed to close the game after that? It just stays there until you close the game.

Nevermind I have figured it out. Thank you!

ok so spoilers ahead then just in case 

Ok so you have to press a and d one after the other but a certain amount of times for it to lead to a better ending right? 

Ok please explain the a and d segment. I have tried holding down a and d at once. I have tried repeatedly pressing both fast. Idk what to do there.

I last played in July and I am waiting for the full game to drop instead of playing every update lmao.

I love what I have seen so far.

Sorry its been over a week I kinda forgot about this but I still wanna try it lol. I'll try both of these.

your welcome! can't wait for what's next.

This was epic! I always love your games.

It's ok itchio isn't like messenger lol or any other messaging platforms. But how do I show you my files? You mean when I extract the game and there are all kinds of files? 

I am on a windows 10 but maybe its to do with me using a a laptop?

This is the error message I got. Idk what it is lol. Oh and I did extract it so that isnt the issue. But Im likely missing something.

Idk why i cant play it it has an error when i launch it

I actually really liked this one will there be more yandere like games?

I really can't complete the part after we escape from the cage and im trying to swim upwards with that shark around

I don't really know what im doing here lmao

This is a really cool game I also love the sound and music