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omg I am so happy that this has been finally updated

I wish I could record this however as my channel is no commentary (I don't feel comfortable sharing my voice) I will respectfully not record and enjoy the game on my own. I have been waiting almost a year for this so I have to play and I can tell I am gonna love it already. Excited to play.

I must have more horror games with this theme. I love it.

I loved this game. I voted 3 stars for halloween theme because it was scary but idk about there being a halloween vibe. I gave 1 star for voice acting because there was no voice acting lol.

Overall its a 10 out of 10. Love the story and the character designs were creepy and that is always a plus.

This was an epic game. Nuff said.

Cannot get the third ending for the life of me help lol

The game that introduced me to you in October of last year. One of my fav horror visual novel game makers.

By the way present time Aran is gorgeous, the cg in final ending 2 I think it was, stunning.

I am so upset I recorded this whole game which by the way was a masterpiece. So epic. But there were a few parts of my recording that just had stuttering audio and it would freeze, god I hate my laptop. I will find a way of getting it resolved lol.

But again, thanks for this game. It was such a wild ride.

Potential spoilers ahead:

So first off I loved this so much. Super cool. 10/10.

I must ask if there is an ending I missed. I have the dont waste his time ending, the ending where we leave unharmed and the one where we meet his wife. What is the 4th? there seem to be two variations to the leaving unharmed is. Is it to do with that?

This was epic. 

Might need a guide. I have like 6 endings out of 28 lol.

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why is this now 50 pounds?

Im confused why part 1 is linux and part 2 is pc. Is there an update here or no?

oh thank you!

This is so epic

would it be possible to add fullscreen? I am finally able to play now lol

How do I get ending 3?

Np lol I thought I was missing the obvious 

Where is the download link? I am not seeing how Im supposed to play this.

Omg Im so excited to play this

First!+Video. Awesome game!

Im ngl I got beyond confused at some point. Especially after the interrogation in the station. I just had no idea what was happening.  

Ok im stuck in the room with 13 things to clean. I have cleaned all 13 things to fix. Now It says 0 things to fix but I am still in the room, shouldn't it instantly progress after the last item is fixed? 

Omg I actually cant wait lol

Thank you

Ok I cannot get ending 1 help please

Oh yeah I played this a few days ago. I must have Luke lmaoo.

Thanks! youtube in the recent years has changed a lot lol.

Is there an option to skip nsfw stuff? just asking cuz youtube is gonna block the video I just know it lmao

idk why but I cannot find ending 7 10 and 13

Lucky I never got that on the other version lol

Omg I loved this

Thank you so much and I will definitely be playing the full game when it drops.

The main character is way too relatable wth It was like I was reading a book on my life in a game. The only difference is I have no romance interests or routes I can take in real life lmao.

Yay Im first on the list lol

This is getting so interesting I already want more after finishing chapter 3 lmao. Video coming on my channel later today to.

Is it possible for a fullscreen option to be featured?

Never heard of that

Is this still going on steam? I'm waiting for it to drop on there before I buy it.