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Hi, im new to unity I was wondering how I can use these to make it animated and with layers? Please respond as soon as possible- these assets are beautiful btw :)

Hey penusbmic, tysm for these sprites I love them! im new to unity and was wondering how to animate the shotgunner and the fx together in unity animation? any ideas? I tried searching up online but couldnt find anything.

Hi thank you for your reply! Im so soory but can you please help me out? I literally just bought the wrong pack from you- instead of getting the war driod I got the war assasin from another pack of yours by mistake can I please get a refund or get the war driod instead? :(((

Hi, for the war droid does it shoot projectiles during attack? I need a character that does that- a quick reply will be much appreciated

Hi Sam,

thank you for your reply, it really worked! I love the asset and will use it well :)

Hi Sam, thanks for the tileset! I am new to unity and I was wondering how do to get individuals colourful tiles? Do you crop the parts you need from the tilemap png and then splice them because I cant find a png image with just platform tiles on it its a mixture of everything. Tilemap-selected tile example only contains half of the tiles I want. Thank you!