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Hello, thank you for reporting your problem. You can fix that by downloading one of missing font yourself (VL Gothic font) or if you have trouble with it, you can download the newest version of the game where I have included the missing font.

Sorry for the inconvenience >.<);;;

OooH! ajwhhjhjsj tHank you for stopping by!
I hope you enjoyed the game ;;w;;)9

Hahaha, yes how did you know?

There's a a vague hint that the world they live is not the same as where they come from which is The Surface, implying some sort of parrarel world (the whole "I am not quite used to this world's law of nature"). I agree the implication I put was rather too vague, I was about to expand the demo a bit so I can at least make stronger implication but I was running out of time ; -;

But to explain further, Eden is parrarel world of The Surface (Which is like Earth, if you want to put it simply) where the sky is orange, the sun always shine, the stars eating each other and immortality is cheap.

I was planning a full game if this one is good, in term of mechanic, art direction and music.

I'm glad it runs smoothly! I was very worried that my instruction regarding the font weren't clear haha

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for taking interest in this game /w\

Try to re-download the fonts at Font files. Hopefully it will solve the problem.

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Have you downloaded the VL Gothic font in Font file? There should be one there

oh! god bless

Which is why it's written in the instruction to instal the font.
Please intal all the font available, just open the font and click the "instal" button there