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Great fun game, great music, great job, congratulations !

Very fun and entertaining little game, I really liked the mechanics of the game.

Great game, the arcade graphics are superb as is the music. The game is very easy to use, just like the original arcade game.

Excellent game, the graphics are sublime and the music superb, the controls are also very easy to learn, the enemies are varied and there is a story.

Well done to your team for this excellent game, even though you have never participated in the ludum dare before.

Excellent jeu, les graphismes sont sublimes et la musique superbe, les commandes sont également très simples à prendre en main, les ennemis sont variés et il y a une histoire.

Bravo à votre équipe pour cet excellent jeu, alors que vous n'avez jamais participé à la ludum dare avant.

Excellent game, I liked the principle, even if it is sometimes a little complicated to implement.

The graphics are very good and the music too, the online play mode is also very interesting.

Congratulations !

Excellent jeu, j'ai bien aimé le principe, même s'il est parfois un peu compliqué à mettre en oeuvre.

Les graphismes sont très bien et la musique aussi, le mode de jeu en ligne est également très intéressant.

Félicitations !

Rather fun mini game, the graphics are very simple and minimalist, the controls are very practical, too bad there is no music.

Mini jeu plutôt amusant, les graphismes sont très simples et minimalistes, les commandes sont très pratiques, dommage qu’il n’y aille pas de musique.

Very funny little game of mine, the designs are superb.

Ce jeu est très marrant et divertissant, le concept est très original, je n'ai vu aucun jeu qui y ressemble de près ou de lien pendant le ledum.

Les graphismes sont jolis et font penser immédiatement aux célèbres jeux Minecraft. La mécanique est (selon moi) de faire des tâches, de plus en plus profondément, ce qui rend le jeu très amusant. La musique est très bien, j'ai bien aimé le bruitage du patron et de la machine à café, la musique de fond est également fort agréable.

Quant au message à la fin, il me fait penser à un célèbre (ancien) président en Amérique du Nord qui a fait beaucoup parler de lui dans le monde.

This game is very fun and entertaining, the concept is very original, I have not seen any game that looks like it closely or link during the ledum.

The graphics are pretty and immediately remind of the famous Minecraft games. The mechanics is (in my opinion) doing tasks, more and more deeply, which makes the game very fun. The music is very good, I liked the sound of the boss and the coffee machine, the background music is also very nice.

As for the message at the end, it reminds me of a famous (former) president in North America who has made much of himself in the world.

Very entertaining little game

Very funny little game, the choice of a power reminds me of WoW, the graphics are not bad and the characters rather successful. However, I did not understand what the dash bar is for.

The game is very good, the graphic styles of the character and the background go very well together, it gives a very nice rendering.

The game of elaboration several bug, the principle of the game is very interesting, I liked the mechanics of the buildings, which is extremely interesting.

However the game is difficult to play, the characters lag when we move around, we don't understand how we use our dwarf to create or how to have resources.

Hope you can fix these bugs, good luck.

This game is really good, the graphics are great, the music is great, and the story is interesting. However, I regret that we cannot use the arrow keys, as I have an AZERTY keyboard.

Very fun little game, the graphics are simple and the music excellent.

Entertaining and very interesting game, graphics and music are pretty good.

This game is a lot of fun, I don't know if it is endless, but it reminds me of classic arcade games, with its player rating, graphics, music and animation are great, great game.

My score

My score

Very fun card game, the cards are nice, the game itself is very interesting and the music and good, it's just a very good game.

This game is pretty good, I had a lot of fun, however I regret that the arrow keys are not compatible (having an AZERTY keyboard) and that there is no music or sound effects in this game.

The excellent games, the graphics and the music are simply sublime, the animations are beautiful, impossible not to notice it (especially when we go everywhere on Twitch), the story is very interesting (it will be perfect for Halloween) Well done, I think this game can very well win the 1st place of the competition.

This game is a lot of fun, the graphics are super nice, great pixel art, well done.

Very original concept, this game is very fun, the graphics and the music are exceptional, very lively.

Very fun game, the concept is interesting, the animations are really great, especially when you change levels.

The game is fun, the mechanics of the game with the moles, it reminds me of a game, but I can't remember which one.

I also find it very interesting that the bag moves when our character moves, and makes us lose our money if we move too much.

In short, a game that we can recommend without problem.

The game is very interesting, the graphics and music are great, the game mechanics are great fun, I don't regret my time spent with him.

The game is very fun, I liked it a lot, it is a very original concept. I reached 54.99 cm

The game is very good, I particularly liked the attack you animations, which were very well done, both in terms of the enemies and our character.

However, I regret not being able to move my character with the arrows on my keyboard (I have an AZERTY keyboard) which made my gaming experience more difficult.

The game is pretty good, the small levels are pretty cool, the music is good, however the character does not go too well with the surroundings. It is basically a good and entertaining game, especially for a composition game.

This game is really great, the character, the graphics and the music are excellent, the game is very funny, a kind of puzzle.

To recommend

Great game, the principle is very original is very cool, the music as well as the graphics

It's a good game, the graphics are minimalist and quite pretty, I would see this game more on mobile than on PC

Mini-game very fun, another way to see the programming, the graphics are very much like the character.

Mini-jeu très amusant, une autre façon de voir la programmation, les graphismes sont très bien tout comme le personnage.

This game is interesting, one is in a maze and one must find the exit. the graphics are good.

Jeu très divertissant, on prend beaucoup de plaisir à y jouer,  les personnages et les graphiques sont super

Very entertaining game, lots of fun to play, characters and graphics are great

Very interesting game, the decors are exceptional, one easily clings to the game.

Jeu très intéressant, les décors sont exceptionnels, on accroche facilement au jeu.

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Super fun game, really fun, music and graphics are great.

Jeu super marrant, vraiment amusant,  la musique et les graphismes sont super.

Excellent games, graphics, music and animations are great. The theme is very well highlighted, bravo to all your team.

The game is very fun and entertaining, the music is excellent, as are the graphics, well done.

Le jeu est très fun et divertissant, la musique est excellente, tout comme les graphiques, bravo.

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Great game, the scenery is beautiful, just like the character, the game mechanics are very interesting.

Super jeu, le décor est magnifique, tout comme le personnage, la mécanique du jeu est très intéressante.