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Triple Take

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Thanks again for the play, CoalFire! Great video as always, and helped me find a few bugs. I've uploaded a new version with the issue you were having fixed, so the game should look normal now :P

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it. We posted your video on our Facebook page so you might get a few extra views!

Hey CoalFire, thanks for playing our game! Glad you enjoyed it. Our artists and composer were incredibly talented, they really did bring the whole experience to life. I watched your video, it's really great seeing someone figure things out and have that "ah-ha!" moment. I also like your animated head in your video haha, never seen that before! Keep up the good work.

Thanks for playing! I watched your video and thought it was hilarious, great comments and  editing. Watching others play is also very helpful for fixing some problem areas!

Thanks for playing and we're glad you enjoyed the experience! I watched your video and noticed a few issues you were having. We'll take a look at see about fixing them in the next update! Thanks again for playing and for your feedback.