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Wonderful time, everything you want from Pong and more. Don’t miss the kyle sounds, it’s my preferred way to play!

I do wish that on the end of match summary screen that you could use the crank to scroll the list of stats and modifications, it’d be nice to keep using it like I do to play, and the current stop/start movement you get by scrolling with the dpad feels unsatisfying and loud compared to how well everything else flows.

Excellently done! 🐙 

I love this, the different exercises actually make me feel different, thank you! Looking forward to planting my first tree! 🌳 

I found the way that the screens spatially related to each other to be a bit confusing sometimes, jumping left and right and up and down out of nowhere felt a bit jarring as I transitioned from screen to screen. 

Breaking bricks is as fun as ever, and using the crank lets you quickly swing from one side of the screen to the other! 

It’s a solid foundation, and I’d love to see it built upon. The lack of music leads to a lot of silence, and adding it would be a help to the vibe. More sound effects, bouncing off the metal bricks for example, would be appreciated. Having to skip through the tutorial every time is a bit of a chore, having that sectioned off after your first go might be something to experiment with.

Fidget toy: The Game! It’s a delight 😋 

Does it sound super distorted to anyone else when at max volume?

The core is instantly understood and fun, and the music is killer and makes me want to go farther to listen to more

If you decide to revisit this one I’d appreciate some tweaking of the menu controls, it’d be nice to go back to the main menu on the pause menu after pressing the playdate’s home button. At the end of a failed run the glyph shows the right dpad as pressable but that’s only valid at the end of a successful run, a variant that reflects the available options would be nice. I know the menu controls use the dpad at the end of a run but it’d be nice to register A as next and B as to menu because I found myself pressing them out of habit from other games. The level select on the main menu doesn’t accept dpad up or down, nor A to select. It also seemed that, upon exit of a level that the cursor would be on the middle of the shown levels, not on the one I just exited as I would’ve expected it to be. Also, what’s the S, A, A1/2 that you can toggle with left dpad?

Those are all minor UX tweaks to a solid game though, thanks for putting this fun piece out there!

I love the music in this game, it builds on a sense of catastrophe that you’re careening towards, it’s great! The turntable mechanic with the carts is a fun one. 

Also it’d be nice if after completing a puzzle I could exit to the main menu without it saying “Give Up”, that feels demoralizing after beating a tough puzzle!

It took me quite a few rounds to make it click but I think I finally understand the rules. When you realize that the main number on the white tile has nothing to do with the main number on the black tile beneath it, and that the main number on the white tile turns into the top right number in the tile, I can from there begin to figure out the puzzle.  I don’t know if I’ll ever not find that confusing, but when I can work with it it’s a good puzzler!

I had fun, nice work! It’d be good to have a little bit of music, at least for the victory screen at the end of each level. Also would be nice to support crank for scroll on the level select screen. 

If you ever do come back to this, I’d love for there to be more sound in the game. Playing a whole game and it being silent just felt weird

Thank you for writing this postmortem, it’s always interesting to hear from people and their thoughts on what goes into making something like this. Great insights too, I’ll be sure to keep these in mind while I work on my own tiny title!

Is the FPS counter supposed to be on in the shipping version? I assume that’s what’s in the upper left corner?

I enjoyed this game! The core mechanic of the root beer tap took a moment to learn but holds its delight. I wish there was variety in the bear customers, their animation is a joy but it felt like I was looking at the same bear over and over which made me it harder for me to keep going. I believe variety in the patrons would remove that interruption to the experience. Otherwise it’s a treat, exactly what I’m looking for on Playdate!