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I found it best to set controls to dfghjk because it SOOOO much easier!

They should add "Beethoven Virus". It is the best.

frickin' hard as hecc

Darn... thanks for letting me know!

are you able to mod the web version?

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how are all the videos showing a tutorial when I automatically start playing without anything to show me how but the how to play on the menu?

edit: I noticed they downloaded it and I can´t download games so for people like me can you please update the browser version to the version in the videos? please and thank you

I got the ending where I lose everything

It isn´t saving my progress and allowing me to hit continue

after looking at the comments for 2 minutes, the eyes look more faded! was it just my eyes? or...

WOAH! That´s awesome!

after halloween are you making a christmas version? just wondering, not requesting.



hey arvie, just played Among us but single player, great job on both! please make willy in this!

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XD great game tho, WHY IS THE 1 YEAR OLD ON DRUGS??!! and I´m not talking acetaminophen

moon                                              L                                              oose

1 hour later

moon                       L                     oose

yeah, XBOX controllers are USB, so just plug´em into the USB port.

I don´t think it´s on either, but you can plug your XBOX controller into your computer.