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its probably because of your network or the browser that you are using don't support webGL

thank you  :D

i really like the concept :D gg freat game

thank you very much guys for your support :D

as you know its just a prototype we will work to fix the controls soon inshalah :D

thank you very much :D

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amazing its a great game and great idea great job team

لم يكن لدينا الوقت الكافي لاضافت مؤثرات صوتية

at the start of each level you have equation and in the end you have 2 exit 
the right answer of the equation is the right exit for example 2+3=? you have 2 suggestion 5 or 6
the good answer is 5

then it will get you to good way to the evil ...

unfortunately , we will try to add it in the future inchalah :D 

thank you for your support 

great job guys :D 

awesone graphics gg

awesome game guys GG i like it :D 

thank you amine