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He is definitely still continuing Jun's route, and from what I understand on him, no route will end until MC and the love interest can end up together. In fact, next update is Jun's update!

He's currently a bit behind, due to Coronavirus, college and life in general, but Jun's next update will be on his Patreon within this week (according to his last post) - He posts them on 2 weeks after he posts them on Patreon, so in 2-3 weeks time.

I can definitely recommend going through Keisuke and Shoichi's routes (in your own time of course, no need to ignore your feelings), as the passion, love and hope is felt in every path. Even the bad endings, there is still so much warmth between the characters, and so much effort and passion from WOTBasket. Hope you feel better knowing Jun is coming back soon!

Page 2 image 6 is day 10 w/ Shoichi
page 4 image 6 is day 26 w/Keisuke

Sorry if I'm too late with the reply!

Next update is equally sad, depending on your choices :') I think day 25/26/27 will be shocking for each love-interest

Could you let me know which route or part? I'm very curious now

Really cute story, I love the inclusion of a tanabata tree. Will come back to play the true ending!

Where are you in the story? It's Keisuke's story, Day 26. I don't think there's any special requirement for it, but let me know if you got there and haven't gotten the image. Then I can try and write down the steps I got.