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Pretty fun! I scored 900. Not sure it that's good or not! Haha. It was game #3 in this video:

This was a wild game 馃槀

馃樁 well damn. Haha. I got the secret ending and just kept going

Fun concept! I just wish there was an option to sprint, or even move a little faster. This was game #3 in my video: 

I died so many times lol. I enjoyed the concept, but definitely could use a save point!

I risked it all for a donut! Haha. I enjoyed this one!

I decided to play this while there is a real blizzard outside. It was scarier than I was expecting!

Have to hand it to you, this might be the scariest game I play this year!

I don't think I ever shared this here. The '78 Halloween film is one of my favorite movies. So playing this game was a dream. Really well done, thank you for making this!

I spent a good majority of the game thinking it might not be a horror game. I was humbled quickly haha.

Short, but creepy! I liked it! It was game #2 in my weekly spooky game time video:

This game was a fun one! Started out as a jazz vibe, and then turned dark! Haha I loved it. It was game 3 of my weekly spooky game time: 

This game scared the hell out of me. Really well done!

I don't know that I've ever been as pissed off as I was with that damn bird in the ball pit 馃ぃ

This was an incredibly haunting and harrowing game. Delivered some of the scariest gameplay I've ever experienced. Very well done! 

I played this for my birthday video today. It was something else haha. Watch it here:

This game was WILD to say the least 馃槀 I finally got the good ending after several tries. Watch the chaos here:

Pretty eerie game! Very unsettling atmosphere. I played both versions!

Very unsettling game! The Smiling Man creeped me out and managed to jump scare me several times 馃槀 great game! 

Really enjoyed this one. Great atmosphere, and having grown up playing PS1 games the graphics were nostaglic for me. Well done! 

I had a theme going with this video of being out late at night in each game. This was really spooky and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I spent way too much time walking around before I realized what to do 馃槀

I really enjoyed this game. Perfectly creepy 10/10!

Haha thank you! Loved your game!

This was a very unsettling game. I loved the look of everything and was startled several times. Very well done!

Well this was terrifying! 馃槺 really enjoyed this one!

REALLY well done! I played the first two chapters and loved them! Have been anxiously waiting for this one. 

I was a terrible babysitter! I played this game in the video below :)

I worked in retail for 10 years, can confirm this is the scariest game I've ever played haha. 

I really enjoyed this game! While short, I found it to be very creepy. Well done! I played Security Booth in the video below

This was my favorite game I've played in a while. Perfectly creepy. 10/10!

This was great! I loved Choo-Choo Charles, so had to try this one! Short and to the point. I liked it! 

Lixian, this game was so much fun! You managed to jump scare me several times. Sometimes with the same scare 馃ぃ

Very short, but it looked great and was entertaining :)

This game was so chaotic. I loved it 馃槀

This was a blast. 10/10 for me :)