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you can just keep clicking + new world repeatedly to just keep increasing your multiplier, thats not balanced at all

big potential

pretty cool

please shorten lilypad by 2 squares

god i hate lilypad, why is it so long

very good although a bit easy, got 2465 score on my first time ever playing

make a discord

very cool very cool

seems very cool but it wont allow me to start the process when like extracting/opening the file

OHH I DIDNT KNOW THAT but still my othersuggestions are valid 

allow players to name placed countries and add antartica and new zealand to the world map

good game

sometimes when the birds collide the game crashes

way too short

is the boss coming back on the helicopter when you throw him off a reference to sundowner?

they are killable, they just have thousands of HP

if you want  to suggest something, do it on the discord

the controls make me want  to die

honestly not being able to turn while shooting is just such a bad game design descision to make

its a demo and it costs 5 dollars, why

just an absolutely excellent game idea

i mean you can use a bottled snark to win that round, but the fact that its basically required is BS

the game gets way too hard way too fast

where is the sequel, i need it NOW