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Honestly I'm so new I didn't create a fur affinity until today actually. But the furry fandom in general has always interested me.

If he was open I'd also love to write some fanfiction of the guys though I don't know if that would be the equivalent of roleplaying as them in his eyes as I am not Dyne.

I believe Dyne has stated that the images that don't show just haven't been implemented yet. So they most likely will be in future builds, hope this helps.

Hey Dyne, I absolutely love this game. Coach Grifter is my absolute favorite and I relate being a bisexual male. Eric was a really relatable character as well. His living situation hit really close to home having been in a shelter before without a job. i'd love to draw some fanart though I'm not the best at it. Specifically fanart of coach. I mainly draw traditionally though supplies I have are limited so it won't be in color. I just wanted to get the go ahead before I even think about posting anything.

It seems absolutely fantastic. The style is amazing, the atmosphere sucks you in, it really does feel like an example so far for the visual novel medium. I'd love some more masculine customization though I understand if it might cause strain. The touch of pronouns is a great addition though especially for trans and ENBY people.  i have so much to say about it but I wanted to keep this short.