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Loved the concept to the boot 

I don't know what is happening, but I think Cthulhu is COMING...

Interesting kinetic novel!

Hey, guys! I liked the game, the concept has potential, but two things bother me:

1 - the footsteps are TOO HEAVY for a kid

2 - the text can have some improvements, if you need some help I can do it (free of charge)

Gosh, I LOVED this concept and I'll play the other game too! 

Btw, I can offer you to translated your game to Portuguese, free of charge, more people need to know this!

Eu acho que a pessoa deve ter confundido o período de inscrição com o período de envio... mas sei lá, a falta de informações básicas é estranho.

I saw my zine didn't enter. Why?

Hey guys - I've had a look at the pdfs and it looks pretty interesting. Do you plan on making a video game version (like a visual novel or something) or do you plan on keeping it as a book?

Gostei bastante do jogo! Lembrou outro gênero que gosto muito, o Analog Horror. "Estrimei" ele na minha twitch!