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How many more expansions will there be?

Are you going to release a .bin or .a26 version?

Will you be making this downloadable?

Search for a game called The Pazaak Battles; it can be played on a Game Boy Emulator.

How much of the game does Nyghtmare Free cover?


Now that I've played it, I have two game update suggestions:

1. Indicate when a player has stayed on their hand.

2. Add the ability to sell duplicate cards.

Beyond that, the game is perfect.

THIS LOOKS AWESOME! Will you be making a game for Sabbacc? What about Dejarik?

Game's not long enough.

Will we be able to download this?

What a dumb game.

Got it. Thanks!

I can't figure out Food Monster or Fancy Mess. Grr!

Make this game downloadable.

For anybody that wants a smoother looking animation, I find that you can ramp up the pixel rate to 2000 before the animation starts to lag.

Great game, but desperately needs a mute button.

Agreed; can't get passed it

Make this game downloadable...PLEASE!

I figured it out in 5 minutes.

It needs a mute button. Otherwise, another great game.

The wording isn't lining up with the buy/sell menu.

Plusdle community · Created a new topic BETTER!

I like this version  much better! You made it both easier & harder at the same time. That's not easy to do. Well done!

I think that's how it happened

It freezes.

It does, thanks!

I wish we could see the hit points of the enemies.

Very fun, but it needs an "18-hole game" option. Also, a putt-putt golf version would be fun.

How about taking a harmless joke?



My best is 61. Nice game!


Is your deck based on a standard 52-deck of playing cards?

Will you ever make this game downloadable?

If this is a video game, where is the .exe file?

What does the dungeon do?

It's too glitchy.

How am I supposed to buy farms, if the button stops lighting up?

Personal best! Population: 23!

Another tip:

DON'T place ships on waves; it makes them capsize.

This & Tiny Islands is some of the best games on here.