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Awesome, thanks!

I got this game as part of the Ukraine bundle, and I've enjoyed it a ton. So much that I want it to be in my Steam library with the rest of my favorite games. My only question before I go buy it on Steam is this: will I be able to transfer my save data from my download to my Steam copy? Thanks!

Hey so I'm not sure if this is a bug I'm running into or just some roguelike mechanic I'm not grasping, but it seems like my progress just randomly gets reset repeatedly. It happens when I close and open the game, and sometimes just randomly in between runs. I'll just lose access to ships I've already unlocked and the percentage on the starting screen will go down. I also keep earning the same achievements over and over. The weird thing is that when I check the data cloud, it doesn't seem to be getting entirely reset. Like, items are gray by default, but any items I've unlocked before appear black, or in full color if I just used them in a run. Items will repeatedly lose color and return to black, but so far the game seems to basically be remembering every item I've seen at some point in the past. Hopefully that makes any amount of sense. So yeah, is this a glitch or just some sort of perma death progress loss feature? Thanks.

Uhh I don't think I'm able to screen record on my device but that is the same bug yes, I just explained it in an overcomplicated way.

I've been really enjoying this game so far, but I'm unable to get past world 10-6 because the ice cube move seems to be broken. I think it's supposed to put the cat right on top of the cube when I stop dashing, but sometimes it'll just spawn to the side for no reason. Sometimes it's all the way off the cube, and I just fall straight into lava and die. Sometimes it spawns just barely on the edge of the cube, and sometimes I'm able to get back on, but for more often than not the force of me trying to climb back on the cube pushes into the big spike and I just die.