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It's a fun game, but I did have a couple of bugs.

Once when I returned to the dungeon using town portal, the fog of war had all reset (so I had to re-map the floor, but all the monsters were still dead).

Similarly, the secret door to the shrine on the last level stopped working when I returned to that floor - it looked open, but I couldn't walk through it, and Colmen said he saw a secret door again.

Finally, is there any way to use skills after the fourth? I had all 4 Dex skills, but when I unlocked the regen spell, I couldn't assign it to a key, or seem to activate it in any other way.

I thoroughly enjoyed it overall, so keep up the good work!

I just tried to buy this, but got a "the payment can't be completed" error from Paypal. I got a friend to try and he had the same problem.

Thanks for that, I feel stupid for missing it - I just never answered 'no' to his question!

I look forward to playing Lurking II!

I just completed the game, and thoroughly anjoyed it.

One question though - how are you supposed to find Drake Scroll (1)? - I ended up just asking random people about it, and lucked out that I was in the right town, so the fifth person I asked was the right one!