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Fantastic sprite pack!! Usually don't see packs with so many different characters, enemies, and bosses. Definitely intend to use this pack in a game jam at some point and I'll comment the results here.

I've been having a similar issue with a game I'm working on, finishing is hard. But we got this!

It's a nice calming game, really enjoyed the vibe. Makes me want to try to make something similar. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Thanks for commenting and reporting the bug cracker! I should have a new bug to fix that this coming weekend. The best way to report would be either emailing or dming me!

Amazing and cute af!

I apologize, Unity no longer supports 32 bit builds for Mac or PC so I can no longer build for that OS :/

I don't know if you're still working on this game but it's cool to see another zelda-like game! Couple suggestions:

  • Attacks and movement should be 4 way
  • Sword attack is much too small range to hit things, consider making a slashing animation and using an invisible animation
  • Bones and Projectiles should react to walls or other colliders
  • Spawn should be a safe space so you can read the tutorial without getting attacks
  • Your art should all match with 16 bit, 8 bit, or 32 bit amount
  • Music loops way too quickly and becomes a nuisance fast

Impressed with what you have so far! Looking forward to more

Thank you! And congrats on getting 1st on the Mini Jam, Nightfall was really cool and well put together :)

Thank you!

Hey! I used this in a Mini Game Jam and credited you. Check it out here. Thank you for posting and sharing!