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Is there a community poll? Rasta Beast is my favorite character.

Take it easy man, dont put any pressure on the devs. Let them take their time and put out some quality content

I'm a long time fan and have played the old demo many times through. The new Steam demo was a blast and I really liked the changes. I especially liked the camera and controls shifting around during combat, and I look forward to seeing more of it when it's released later.
My only criticism is that some of the dialogue has incorrect English and it kinda breaks the immersion sometimes.

Loved it, will definitely buy the full release.

The fight with the VIP dude was the highlight for me. His animations were clean and the beats were meaty. I also really liked the music for the frogs.

There were some parts where it felt like I needed to quickly double tap in one direction to avoid getting hit, and I think that would be pretty hard to do on controllers if you're thinking about releasing on console.

The last songs were quite intense but I never dropped below two health. Maybe for a harder mode you can nerf the health regeneration a bit or get rid of the checkpoints