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I like it.

I mean, it has its obvious problems that could be resolved with more polish, but the movement of the player character is smooth and the shooting is fun.

Definitely something I'll play much more of :D

Well done!

(Also, those poor critters on that horrible menu. Nice touch.)

Hi, sorry, I finally saw this, sorry it took me a bit!

Perfect, I'm looking forward to it.

Hi, here, me, I'd like to be a beta tester. 

Omg I love this! This is great! I'm definitely gonna make my friends play this. Considering how well Soviet Kitchen works for our group, this'll go great.

Oh, this was so cute. 

And I love Pumpkin as a dog name!

I loved it! The atmosphere, the color language, the minimalist art, it's all so good. There was a typo when Demeter calls out for "Zues" at the river cross road but other than that it was perfect.

Sweet little game :D I liked finding the ghosts.

Fun little game. I loved the music. Fuck those bushspikes :D (I hope you get around to do the ending ,  but I'd also take a letter and a teaser for LoX3 in the last room instead of what it is).

I love the design and the more difficult turn on the classic minesweeper. I may or may not have played it every time I procrastinated or needed a break since it came out

What a bitter-sweet game. It's so short (no, wrong phrasing, it's the perfect length for what it is), but I didn't notice how fast it made me care about Amy and Lumpo until the end (ouch my heart!). I liked the little details, like the icons on desktop and the coke bottle lids :D

This was very sweet (and exactly the right length for me (laugh)). I love how there seems to be two ways to "succeed" in the exam and the archetypes picked for the characters. Special mention for picking a gender neutral PC name, too.