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Trap Skylark

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Very good.


PRETTTY GOOOOOOOD I made a video on it. 

What gave you the impression that this was just an art project? In the first few sentences on the page are links to other games so I think its safe to approach this "project" as a game as well. I'm looking at the comments and Its just boggling that everyone who says this game is boring gets slammed with down votes. Like did we play the same game? The art IS pretty but probably should differ a bit more in its color palette. The music is boring and repetitive. The story bubbles that told the story made zero sense. Caseaway, no response, and helmouth halls all look like much better experiences but it seems like JUST because this "story" revolves around Lesbian lovers it is immune to criticism. I understand representation is important and all that but this echo chamber of praise probably will do more harm than good in the long run.

Here's my review! I want MOREEEEE.

I enjoyed my time with this game. I had mixed feelings at first but after some thought I am looking forward to the full release!

Good game! Here's my Review!

Fantastic. Here's my review!

Nah, I said what I said. I gave reasons why the game wasn't very good. How am I giving the game a bad rep if Im struggling for views like you say. Pull punches for what? Sugarcoat my experience for what? The game was bad. Nice artstyle even though everything was almost the same color. The story was told in 4 thought bubbles that only showed punctuation, a chefs hat, and 2 different flavored cupcakes. Im sorry DD60. But unless this was a trailer for a new bakery or something this game was horrible and I stand by that. Horrible take my friend you're smarter than this.

Here is my review! Even though the game didn't move me quite like I was expecting. I still wish you guys the best and cant wait to see what you'll make next.