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beautiful pixel art, challenging & engaging puzzle design, and a narrative as esoteric as it is motivating. Fantastic work!

I think of this often, thank you for writing and publishing it.

Cute! Thank y'all for sharing!

OH SHIIIIIIIIT yeahhhhhhh so we were wondering what those screenshots you sent on Discord were from and then playing this, and your comment and DAMN that's so exciting.

Beautiful work. I can't believe we only just got around to playing this - Your artistic use of bitsy is always a delight.

Absolutely fantastic implementation. Beautiful work.

Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for playing!

Thank you!

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Brilliant concept! Played it and enjoyed the game, definitely a tool I will keep using and probably modify a bit for my own RPG stuff! :)

To belay your concerns: this is 1000% interactive fiction, and is also really really cool.
I love the UI you have set up, it really sells the whole thing.
I also love the concept - I'll admit that at first, I thought I was making choices /as/ the A.I., trying to... improve my own algorithm, or something?

Anyway, wonderful idea, wonderful execution - great little game.

Yyyep! I Iove using beepbox for a lot of my smaller projects, I'm releasing a smaller album of songs from it later this month.


Fantastic work. 

I feel vindicated in my own Wikipedia habits. Thank you for sharing, this is beautiful and poetic.

One of my favorite pieces on this site. This game made me dinner!

A fantastic game with some incredible resource links! Beautiful music and really nice work with your palettes and sprites! Didn't realize at first where to go from the second page, but figured it out after a bit. Love the feel of community throughout the writing. Thank you for making this :)

Thank you for playing and for your feedback! <3 I'll be sure to bother you to play it again once I add sound! I always super appreciate your comments!

Thanks for sharing your spaceship with us.

This is super cute and I love it!

haha well, live and learn I suppose.

thanks, it did.

I only learned after I was finished about tools I could have used to automate most of the process, so it was all done by hand.

Don't ever do pixel animation by hand.

Thank you! <3