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I like this one. I wasn't sure about it going in because I wasn't certain what to expect, but it turned out to be so much more than I expected.

If you're at all worried about it being a horror game and are considering avoiding it for that reason, I assure you you don't have to worry as much as you think you do. The game has its frightening moments and overall has a very well-crafted spooky atmosphere, but after awhile my initial fright turned into more of a desire to see it through to the end. That could be considered either a pro or a con, depending upon whether or not you're looking for a full-on horror experience.

As far as RPGs go, combat is fairly standard. You have regular attacks as well as skills, but I particularly liked the way skills worked. You can use resources you gather outside of combat as fuel for your skills (for example, one character can use Tickets gathered outside combat for a Ticket-themed skill), but you can also create combo-like attacks by combining items and skills. For example, use a camera to get a set of batteries and stun your opponent, then use the batteries you acquire to power your character's skill. I set up some nice boss battles that way.

I also liked the way the pizzeria itself is crafted. Without giving away too much, there are many many secrets to be had, and you never feel too OP.

I haven't finished this entirely yet but I am enjoying this much more than I thought I would. :)

I downloaded this game for my PS4 the day it came out and was absolutely glued to it until I finished it completely. I absolutely adore it. I was originally drawn to the art, as art design is my biggest draw in a game, and it's absolutely adorable. 

It can be difficult to find a visual novel with a dating element that also has a great story to go along with it, but Arcade Spirits is a great example of that done well. I'm usually invested mainly in dating portions of games like these, but it's a testament to the great storyline that even the non-dating arc was interesting to me.

It's easy to see the love Fiction Factory put into this. I was more than happy to support them with a purchase already, and I have no problem doing it again with their inclusion in the Racial Justice bundle. You guys have a great piece here. Highly recommended to anyone who loves visual novels like I do, and  I can be picky ;)

I adore this. It feels more like an introspective experience than any kind of game, but it's very good at it. With the world in the state it's in right now, as well as my own struggles, I often find myself overwhelmed with stress and depression. 

This experience was a great chance for me to take a deep breath and focus on something calming. I left it with a little smile in my heart, because it's like a little reminder of how much value I have as a person. 

A short experience, but a sweet one. And an important one.