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Nice, I will do!

Love this game! I played the first three mountains and had a great time. Slight shame that the demo doesn't have a save, but that's ok. I'll play again in a couple of days and do more mountains. It's a really cute game. It slightly reminds me of a short hike, it's different but feels equally relaxed.

Also, really nice controls as well once I got used to them. I had a bit of a dumb moment until I realised each mouse button corresponded to an arm.

Hopefully you're planning a full release? Any vague timescale?

So I've just now beaten this game, after taking my time with it, and getting stuck on a few puzzles...

Just wanted to come back to say that yes, this game is in fact amazing! The story took me completely by surprise, I was expecting to skip through the text boxes and just enjoy the puzzles, but I found myself wanting to find out what the next entry said as much as I wanted to find out what the next puzzle was. The ending was amazing too.

And the puzzles, they're just great! the mechanics build up in a well designed fashion which is always nice to see, and while I got stuck a few times it was always enjoyable working out how to progress. Really, a fantastic job here. This is the sort of game I wish I could wipe from my memory so I could play again fresh.

I can't recommend this highly enough. Thanks again for the stunning game.

I haven't finished it yet (I'm savouring it), but I just want to say how much I'm LOVING this game so far. It's ridiculously good, the puzzles, the feel, the graphics, sound design, intriguing story... It's just a joy to play and experience, thank you so much.