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Does/will the plugin support advanced blending? Here's an example of what I'm on about:  preview.gif

If you're curious how it's implemented, it's based on this article:

Drawing tablet support for pressure sensitivity would be awesome to have!

First of all, the game is free and open source. It was always meant to be a passion project and nothing more.

Second, everything I've used has been credited clearly in the main menu. I even specified on the repo that the "stolen" 3rd party assets are not my property.

If I was charging money or claiming that I've made everything myself, then yeah that'd be scummy. But I see no harm caused by releasing a *free* game for people to enjoy. Plain and simple.

This comment did trigger me a bit, considering I've put a lot of effort just for some rando to spit on it and call it "unoriginal and stollen"

3.5.1 stable

You dropped this kings 👑

Thank you so much for making this phenomenal gem of a game!

Yeah I completely agree with your points. 

We had most of these on our trello board, but we never got the time to actually implement them.

Thanks for the great feedback and for pout our game!

Thanks for the positive words pal! I'm glad you liked our game.  :)

You got a keen eye for detail, thanks for the honest feedback!

Sadly we didn't have enough time to smooth out any rough edges. So we aimed for a minimum viable product.

We initially planned it to have more levels with new mechanics but those had to be scraped as well to various reasons.

But hey, that's part of the game jam experience. But you had fun, and that's what's most important to us <3

Glad you liked it!

Thanks for trying out our game!

Glad you liked it buddy!

Thanks for the kind words!

And you're completely right, we couldn't squeeze in any sfx or music due to lack of time.

But hey at least the game's there, and who knows, we might publish a fully fledged out version in the future.   :)

Glad you liked it!

I agree with your feedback but unfortunately our schedule was tad bit "out of control", so we had to sacrifice their quality. I'm also glad you liked the bird sound as much as we did :)

Thank you for the kind words! :)